August 22, 2017 Pyro

First post

This is my first post so I’m just trying things out, as you may guess this is going to be linked to my accounts on Instagram and since its called as my oldest account it will feature lots of Pokemon posts but not the less, there will be also many posts related to other video games and anime because I love them both.

I will be even feature some fan art work that I would kindly give credits or remove if requested by their legit authors.

Bulbasaur by Drawings of Pokemon

I’m here to give my opinion and listen to others to feel free to do so yourself too, as long as it doesn’t offend anyone personally everything would fine.

Maybe my next message to the community comping to this site would be adding some rules but I can do that later.

I guess now it’s the best time to practice my typing skills haha.

Well that’s it this time.

Leave a comment if you want

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  1. Mastr Snorlax

    Wow its great! For a first post, its incrdible. Its cool how you can take a closer look at the picture just by holding the picture.

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