November 6, 2018 Pyro

Fire cat is ready to battle

Most susper smash bros fans got really really hyped with the grinch leak, which turned out to be fake (or maybe it’s all part of a conspiracy that they want to make us believe). Even myself was a bit too happy, that the leak contained Shadow.

As a first thing you should know about me i really like the Sonic franchise, even if I don’t buy all the games; BUT I did enjoy his game maybe i was too young or I just didn’t read reviews that often back then. The point is I was the same as you guys.

Either way, now we got 2 unexpected characters. Piranha Plant and Incineroar.

Here I’ll be talking omly about incineroar tho. So okay, the favorite fully evolved starter from the alola was Decidueye but he is already battling Pokémon on the epic game Pokken. Giving more reason to Sakurai and his staff to add Incineroar.

The fact is I barely like 3 fire starters in the whole series, I cannot stand Charizard because most people think it’s the strongest Pokémon out there and it’s just annoying. Though, having a character with so much personality and it jus so freaking cool!

To be honest with you guys it’s hard for me to say bad stuff about Nintendo, just wanted to let that clear, so im trying to give all my positive thoughts about Incineroar.

Just looking at that face, the satisfaction he gets when battling or the way he celebrates when landing some moves. Gee! It makes me want to try it out as soon as I unlock it.

You can actually see all the effort they are taking for each character, and the fact they are making 5 next year talks by itself. Anyway. I just wanted to make my blog alive again and start writing so thanks for reading.

Also here are some incineroar facts for you:

Incineroar’s flame belt is produced from within its body and burst from its navel and waist as its fighting spirit rises. This Pokémon disregards the safety of its opponents and on-lookers, sometimes striking the opposing Trainer with attacks.[1] It is a violent Pokémon, and will sometimes ignore its Trainer’s orders when it is not in the mood to listen. Despite this, it finds fighting unworthy opponents boring, and gets motivated fighting a challenging one. In addition to spewing fire from its navel, it uses ferocious kicks and punches.

from Bulbapedia